Makeup Tips from MAC Artists (Part 2)

Now its time for the ladies to share their makeup tips and favorite products from MAC.
If you missed Part 1, click HERE.

1. Your #1 Makeup tip
 Exfoliate regularly and moisturize daily! Beautiful make up starts with a beautiful canvas so please take care of your skin. It's not just prepping your skin before make up, it's also about giving your skin the proper nourishment it needs before your beauty sleep.

 2. Your favorite MAC product and why?

MAC Mineralize Concealer - Php 1,150
Definitely Mineralize concealer. It has this really creamy texture that has a consistency thick enough to give excellent coverage yet still thin enough to blend seamlessly with the skin.
3. Your advice to those who just started using makeup. 
Skin is extremely important. Not just skin care itself but how you apply foundation and concealer as well. You don't have to pile on make up to cover! Try neutralizing discolorations instead like using the NW line to counteract bluish discolorations in the under eye area and the NC line to neutralize any redness. Trust me, neutralizing makes a huge difference.


1. Your #1 Makeup tip
As we all know, "Skin is In", keep your skin healthy and glowing even without makeup by keeping it hydrated and well-exfoliated.
 2. Your favorite MAC product and why?
MAC Mineralize Foundation Loose - Php 2,050
One of the best powders that i have worked with is Mineralize Foundation/Loose. It has 77 bio minerals under its belt and has pearlized pigments (optical diffusers) to make the dullest makeup look alive and radiant.
3. Your advice to those who just started using makeup.
The best advice I could give to makeup artists who are just starting out, "Don't let it get to your head" Makeup artistry is your own creativity. It is creating masterpieces of what you think is beautiful and not let other people tell you otherwise. Yes, there will be a few, if not, most judgements in our line of work, but always remember that you just have to find your niche and do the best that you can to make it work.


1. Your #1 Makeup tip
Less foundation and having a luminous beautiful skin is still the best coz its the largest and noticeable part.  
 2. Your favorite MAC product and why?
MAC 217 Blending brush - Php 1,300
 Super love the MAC brushes especially the 217 coz its multi-purpose, handling anything from any textures to powder ones. I think its a brush must have by any person who loves eye makeup. 

3. Your advice to those who just started using makeup.
Top secret- have confidence and dont be afraid trying new shades specially when it comes to lipsticks. Be on the nearest MAC counter and don't hesitate to ask questions and the expert will tell you what's the best for you. See yahh!


 Stay tuned for Part 3 =)

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