Makeup Tips from MAC Artists (Part 1)

In this post, I want to share with you some amazing makeup tips that I've compiled from my former colleagues at MAC Cosmetics. Enjoy reading! 


What is your #1 Makeup Tip? 
Be inspired by anything other than makeup looks done by other artists. I find that paintings, patterns, texture from fabrics are great examples of how you can challenge yourself in interpreting makeup trends. 

What is your favorite MAC product and why? 
 MAC Fluidline Blacktrack - Php 1,100
It's a product that provides limitless looks depending on the brush you use.

What is your #1 Makeup Tip?
For me prepping the skin before the application of makeup really does make a difference. Do your normal skin care routine. Make sure that the skin is well hydrated. And apply whatever primer that works for your skin type. Like with MAC, our skin care line is made to make the makeup look good.

What is your favorite MAC product and why? 
 MAC Fix+ Spray - Php 1,050
It's really a must have product. Coz it's just makes your skin well hydrated. Can also be used as a mixing medium for eyeshadows and pigments. It also takes away the powdery finish of your makeup look.

What is your #1 Makeup Tip?
Apply skincare before wearing makeup. Don't put to much makeup to avoid fine lines, freckles and signs of aging. Always use primer with or without SPF to maintain healthy and glowing skin. 

What is your favorite MAC product and why?   
MAC Lightful Marine Bright Formula SPF 25 Foundation - Php 2,350 (refill); 650 (compact)
Lightful Foundation  because of its anti-aging ingredients + Spf 30 to avoid signs of aging. The powder is lightweight on the face and looks very natural, even guys like me can use it without looking too made up. 

Couldn't agree with them more regarding the importance of skincare! When you have beautiful skin, there's no need to apply a lot of makeup. Don't forget to apply moisturiser with sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 before you head outdoors to  avoid premature aging.

Let me know what you think of this post. If you have other questions regarding makeup or skincare don't hesitate to ask me. =)

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