Pasalubong gifts..

My friend who just came home from Japan gave me these as pasalubong! Thanks Che! =)

(red shimmer)

RS-01 is a shimmery berry red color.

What I like:
* its shimmery like MAC's Lustreglass
* staying power up to 4 hours
* no smell or weird after taste
* pigmentation & color pay-off (sheer but buildable)
* kinda sticky - comparable to MAC Lustreglass
* tube packaging - hygenic compared to the wand types

What I don't like:
* nothing! =)

I hope its available locally.. I really like this gloss! =)



This mascara promises to extend lashes up to 120x! hehe
That's the only info I have, can't understand their website coz its in Japanese! =P Lol!

What I like:
* comb type wand separates lashes to avoid clumping
* really lengthens my lashes
* waterproof

What I don't like:
* hard to remove
* not volumizing
* has a weird smell on the tube
* expensive for a mascara (costs approx. php 1,000)

I'll continue to use this though on special occasions that calls for a waterproof mascara. I prefer to use Maybelline since its much cheaper.

I also noticed, using Waterproof mascara everyday damages the lashes.

I'm the type of person that doesn't spend more that Php 600 on a mascara! Lol! Coz it only lasts 3-6 mos! =)

Actual Pics:

**Click to enlarge**


AskMeWhats said...

I feel for you about mascaras lasting only for 3 months! Maybelline makes great mascara! Thanks for the review, great pasalubongs!

Crystal said...

i love kanebo! nice pasalubong. me too, i don't spend a lot on mascaras since they don't last long.

Jem said...

i heard so much about the Majolica Majorca..
so i guess that it really does lengthen the lashes

donnarence said...

nice pasalubongs!! the gloss looks so pretty.. btw,, natetempt akong bumili charm brush set.. :D

Abby said...

ooohhh...your such a lucky girl ;)

Liza! said...

it's very thoughtful of your friend. i wish friends visiting me here in singapore will bring me pasalubong too. haha!

cool kikay items, by the way. :-)

The Beauty Junkee said...

ambait naman ng friend mo sis! haha. :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

oo nga! she's very thoughtful. every year when she comes home she never fails to give us makeup as pasalubong! hehe =)

Pammy said...

i like the gloss, sis! the mascara's wand resembles that of fasio's which is waaay cheaper and less than 600 bucks. nice pasalubongs!

Miss D said...

i have the mascara also. its also a pasalubong from my Japanese friend. He is a make up artist in Japan. He said this mascara is popular there! i used it once only coz its SOOOO HARRRDD to remove..

my lashes were also removed. LOL.. its true.. its TOO waterproof!