October 15, 2009


Just want to share the pics of NYX Concealers so that you can compare the colors.

For my NYX Concealer in a jar review, click here.

NYX Concealer in a Jar in:
Fair - for NC15-20 (yellow undertone)
Light - NW15-20 (pink undertone)
Beige - NC20-25 (yellow undertone)
Medium - NC30-35 (beige undertone)

*Note: based in MY opinion only..

For the Light, Beige and Medium Swatches, click here.

The Jessie Glova 15 pc Concealer palette with the NYX Concealer in a jar.

The NYX Colors are really dupeable.. See?!

In terms of coverage, the 15 concealer palette reminds me of the MAC Studio Finish concealer, that has a "kinda" dry coverage compared to NYX.


AskMeWhats said...

wow..you have almost all the shades of NYX concealer in a jar :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

thanks for commenting nikki. actually the fair and medium di akin yun. just took pics of it hehe..

Unknown said...

Thank God I found your blog! I've been struggling to find a perfect match for my skin, I have the exact concealer palette like yours and wanted to buy NYX above & beyond concealer but having a problem decide which one suit me best, I usually use the third one from the left (3rd row), so the row you have purple/pink corrector, I'm using the third one. could you please tell me which of one from NYX above and beyond concealer suit the third one on the palette best?

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