Spend vs. Save : MAC Studio Finish Concealer

So which one is the MAC Studio Finish Concealer dupe? Read on to find out..

MAC - full coverage
NYX - light to medium coverage
VOV - medium to full coverage

MAC - kinda dry; make sure to warm it up first
NYX - very creamy
VOV - is perfect! Not too dry or creamy on normal temperature.

FINAL WORDS (used on my undereyes)
love its full coverage but sometimes it creases. Make sure to blend very well. SPF 35 is a great plus too!
NYX - easy to blend but does last the entire day and does not completely cover my dark circles.
VOV - a muti-purpose product! Can be used as foundation or concealer. They say this is a dupe of Cinema Secrets concealer. Nice coverage but sometimes it melts/creases if the weather is hot.


Excited to find out who's the MAC Studio Finish Concealer dupe?!

For me its VOV's Cover Foundation..

Since MAC SF is a full coverage concealer, NYX didn't do the job of concealing my dark undereye circles. VOV for me is a great dupe and its multi-purpose too! Its cheap too coz for 20 grams you'll get a lot of product!


Ida said...

oooh i really like your concealer reviews cause i'm also on the lookout for a concealer that will work for me. i definitely want to try the vov one! :)

Pammy said...

Nice review! :P A spend vs. save vs. save post. :)

Unknown said...

ooh this makes me wanna try out VOV too!

Kimmy said...

Great review, NYX is the same for me too, didn't do anything for my under eye circles and I thought I was the only that MAC creased on. Nice but I've never seen VOV in any stores here. Are they sold in the US?
Your review makes me wanna try it, although I am awaiting my purchase of the 15 concealer generic palette to see if it can do some good in covering my under eye circles.

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

great review as always. i'm pretty satisfied of nyx, i love the smell for some reason. haha..

jehan said...

a really nice review! i was a VOV girl when I was still in the Philippines--i've tried all their yogurt smooth packs (my favorite: strawberry), their eye liners and they're still my favorite though i'm already here in Korea with lots of products to choose from, and their concealers. but i've been looking for their concealer foundations here and couldn't find one.. at least my ellana concealer is doing its job very well...

Toothfairy said...

great review, before I read the whole post I just assumed the mac one was the better one, but I turned out to be wrong!


Maui (Suushh) said...

Great comparison and review! I have vov but have not tested it, love that it can be used as concealer and foundation though! :)