Beauty Credit Haul

Yay! I'm so happy that I saw some Beauty Credit (Korean brand) products being sold here in Cebu! My tiny haul...

What I got:
2 pcs. Lovely pact moist pact #13 (one for mom)

Loose powder in Light
Lipstick in PK05

Beauty Credit Lipstick in PK05

A warm shade of medium pink.
I love their lipstick, its not drying compared to NYX

Their powders.. Very pretty packaging right?!

Beauty Credit Lovely moist pact #13

Available shades and a closer look at the powder imprint*Image from*

Beauty Credit Loose powder in Light

Their loose powder is HUGE (27 grams) compared to my Skinfood Buckwheat Powder which is only 23 grams (currently my HG loose powder).
Tested their loose powder, so far its ok. Good oil control.


Camille Santos said...

been curious talaga sa beutycredit,sis pareview sa loose powder hehe,cute talaga packaging eh no,kabayo..ahahah

+ S T A R + said...

i am so interested with beauty credit! but i only have 1 item from them! an eyebrow pencil!!! haha!

mandy said...

please review :)
i've been to the beauty credit store where i live, but i dont like the SA there so i usually avoid going in now :X but if the powders are really good i'm going to get me some ^__^

Miss D said...

hahahah .....
i just feel a sudden surge of adrenaline to go there..
bahala layo...

let's continue search around cebu .i guess there are more to dig.

there's ICCI and SIVANNA (korean products imported to Thai, as far as i know) in Gaisano SOuth.

AskMeWhats said...

love your haul! I wonder if we have it down here in Manila :) Can't wait for your review!

Crystal said...

haha wala pa akong nabibili sa beauty credit. from your post though, mukhang interesting ang products nila.

donnarence said...

hi kim.. beauty credit is available here in moa kaso i find it expensive.. mas mura talaga ang tfs but the prices of etude are the best.. sana magkaron din diyan ng etude.. :D

gnetde said...

aha, where can i find it in cebu???