Review: Ben Nye Cover All Concealer Wheel

Ben Nye Cover All Concealer wheel in SK-1

Product Info from Ben Nye:
Four classic neutralizing shades are included in this best-selling Wheel.
Mutes redness, veins, tattoos, beard shadows and skin discolorations.

RETAIL PRICE: Php 690.00 at

WEIGHT: 14 grams. Expect 40-150 applications.

SHADES: MY-2, MO-2, CC-3, FS-3

* inexpensive
* pigmented, you only need a small amount of product to cover imperfections.
* very creamy texture (love, love!) similar to the Blue Neutralizer.
* easy to work with, I don't have a hard time blending it (no tugging) especially on the undereye area.
* lasts the whole day (when set well with powder)! No retouching needed!
* the 4 shades can be used alone, mixed together or worn under other concealers.

* has the tendency to cake if not blended or set properly.

When set with Ben Nye's Banana Visage Poudre or their Neutral set loose powder, this concealer does not budge the whole day.
Note: I have normal skin with slightly oily t-zone.

The first time I've tried Ben Nye's Blue Neutralizer I was really impressed with the coverage, texture and staying power. The same goes to this Cover All Concealer wheel, I highly recommend this if you're looking for an inexpensive all around corrector/concealer for the face and body.

A staple in my makeup kit coz I can use it to camouflage everything. What I also love about Ben Nye products is that I'm hiyang with it and it doesn't irritate my face even if I use it everyday.

More pics (click to enlarge)

Ingredients list

Description from Ben Nye site:
Mellow Yellow (MY): Cover redness, three intensely pigmented shades are in this group, has a smooth consistency to neutralize and cover redness, blemishes, scars and capillaries.

Mellow Orange (MO): Neutralize blue-green face and body imperfections including veins, tattoos, bruises and deep under-eye discolorations.

Coverette Cover-Up (CC): Often recommended by doctors and "Camouflage artists" to cover scar tissue, birthmarks, vitiligo and post-op skin discoloration. Blends easily to most skin tones.

Five O'Sharp Series (FS): Conceal blue beard shadows with this series of four specialty cover-ups. May be applied beneath or over foundation tone. Very effective in concealing deep discolorations, including black eyes or intense under-eye discoloration.


If my dark circles are really bad (blame it on my sinusitis and lack of zzzz's) I use MO-2 to neutralize the purplish tone of my undereye circles then top it off with liquid concealer. I sometimes use MY-2 on top to of MO-2 to brighten.

LinkMy Ben Nye Haul from The Style Quarter.
I got 2 bottles of the Banana Visage Poudre as back-ups. These are sold for Php 520.00 (45 grams) each.
You can read my previous post/review HERE.

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Disclaimer: Products were sent for review/consideration.
This is not a paid review and is solely based on my honest opinions.


Unknown said...

on the back of your hand, it looks so creamy when applied ^_^

GGB said...

Wow I really want to try this product, but I’ve never heard of this brand before, thanks for the pics this is so helpful!

By the way I like your blog, im a new follower!

Anonymous said...

This palette looks amazing and sooooo creamy!!
I will check it out next time I visit a shop that sells this brand.

Sara said...

Looks like a perfect product! :) thanks for sharing this. Now I must try it. xx

Kazu Samat said...

Que caƱa de corrector, tiene buena pinta!!

Tienes una cosita en mi blog, pasate a verlo cuando quieras

. said...

i heard really good things about this:)

Janet said...

Wow! its super pigmented indeed! Thanks for sharing the swatches, I'm in search of a nice corrective wheel and your review seems pretty convincing..I think I'll go ahead and try this out...Also, do you have any recommendation with regards to a nice green concealer that targets on minimizing red spots/acnes...I can't seem to find a perfect/nice green concealer that really tame down the redness and at the same time conceal them..Any suggestions..thanks much...=)

Hollie said...

I want to get my hands on this na!