NYX Lipstick & Lipgloss

My first NYX Cosmetics purchase, saw them being sold at a local department store here in Cebu. Been wanting to try their round lipsticks coz I read a tons of good reviews.. Their lipsticks are very creamy, long lasting & pigmented while the lipgloss is sticky and pigmented.. and smells like cherry candies.. hehe

Here's what I got:

Goddess of the night lipgloss in Beige & Lollipop
Round lipsticks in Peach, Louisiana & Twist

Color Swatch on NC20-25 skin (from Left to Right)

NYX Round Lipstick in Twist - a shimmery coral with a hint of bronze
NYX Round Lipstick in Peach - shimmery rose/berry
NYX Round Lipstick in Lousiana - fucshia pink without shimmer

NYX Goddess of the night lipgloss in Beige - baby pink without shimmer
NYX Goddess of the night lipgloss in Lollipop - peachy with shimmers

I soo love them! The price is affordable too! I only spent less than 200 bucks each! I want to try other colors!!!

Too view NYX's Website, click here.


AskMeWhats said...

wow..lucky you for having those available in Cebu!!! Great buy!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! i was googling for nyx swatches. i have to agree, youre so lucky they have nyx there.do they have a lot of shades to choose from?

Miss Shopcoholic said...

nope, only a few shades to choose from. i want to try their eyeshadows but they are only selling mostly lip stuff like the mega shine gloss, lipliner & jumbo lip color..

Abby said...

hi ;) where do you actually buy these stuff?? I'm located at manila. pretty colors you got there ;) happy love day ;)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

hi abby! thanks for visiting my page. I'm located in Cebu actually =) Bought it at White Gold..

IA said...

Hi. Would you know where to buy these aside from buying it online?

I've been looking for a NYX store here in Manila eh. Thanks! :)

IA said...

Hi. Would you know where to buy these aside from buying it online?

I've been looking for a NYX store here in Manila eh. Thanks! :)

ikkiNikki said...

hey there. may NYX na pla dto sa phil? wow. how much ang price range? was it expensive?

ikkiNikki said...

hey. im planning to buy mega shine lipgloss in Lollipop kasi. ask ko lang if its a nice color. is it suitable for asian teens? :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

hi ikkiNikki! sorry for the late reply. Lollipop is a very nice neutral color for everyday wear. I think bagay sha for all skintones.. =)

xxNikkiDooxx said...

im gonna buy lollipop na tlga. thanks. :)

Miss D said...

hello khymm,

i had read your blog and i wanna grab a NYX round lipstick.
i went to White Gold yesterday but they seem not to know it.
DO they have a lot of stocks when u purchased it???
what i saw sa sheishido (?) and other lines..(that looked expired) but not the NYX.
if i a not mistaken, they only have cosmetic section.

NYX is just so hard to find.. perhaps you bought all of it.. (^^)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

Hi Dahee! NYX Cosmetics is located in the 2nd floor of White gold. Yung Near sa stairs near the belts and shoe section coz their products are consignment eh.. Tagal na ako di nakapunta dun. =)

Miss D said...

thanks. i think i have to go there again!! Gr... i was really disappointed with the WG staff. They didnt entertain me and i asked them if there are many cosmetic section somewhere .. and they said no.
they have no idea how important BYX is to me.. and to us.. heheheh
sheer heaven!

thanks khymm.

by the way. i dont know my way aroung this blog site.
i do have a blog too. but its not about make up..
its spiritual and inspiration.
hope we can link..

anyway, thank you so much!!
2nd floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss D said...

hello kyhmm.
its me again. do you have any reviews on korean make-ups?
i am using mostly korean make ups. Missha, Skinfood, Innissfree, and Emprani.
Missha BB cream is suitable for my skin and SPF 42 +++ . Its really good for me! I love it!

Some of the brands I know are
Banila co. , Tony Molly, Etude, Laneige,VOV, etc.
Hope you can have reviews on them.

PS. Skinfood is way over priced here. Don't buy them if you could.
They are like 4 times more than the original price.
My Lettuce Two Way Cake is like aroung 400 pesos (in korea) here its like 1,900 pesos, right?

I have 4 items bought in korea, total price is 1,200.(powder, eyeshadow.. etc) when i checked the products here and calculated , its 4,200 pesos. same product .. exactly!

I cant believe how overprice they are. The faceshop is more reasonable for me minding the tax and shipping fee. It's reasonalby priced!

I wish Missha would open here. They are the cheapest. The eyeshadow in korea is 60 pesos. and quality is not compromised.
Not great but definitely good enough.

anyway, i will share my knowledge in korean cosmetics whatever i know.

thanks... God bless you all, readers and bloggers..

Miss Shopcoholic said...
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Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ dahee - just went to white gold last night! i bought a blush and 2 round lippies! =) marami pa silang stocks sa lippies and gloss.. punta ka na dun hehe

true! skinfood is way overpriced here.. imagine the BB cream is 600-800 lang tapos here its 1,500! gosh! yung face shop lang yung medyo affordable here.. how i wish may missha dito.

Miss D said...

ah.. khymm.. you got there first!!
im too busy to go to White Gold!
i have to go. sige go...
ay.. kinahanglan maka palit na gyud ko.
and true with skinfood.
and if ever i can go back to korea, i will buy some and sell it to you... of any make up lovers.
maluoy ko sa mo palit diri. i even ask my friend not to patrionize skinfood... ^^ i have their eye cream which my korean bf gave me.. around 400 didto. diri 1,000 plus. maka hilak kog popcorn...
sobra pa sa MAC , di ba?
and skinfood is not a high end product.. hehehe pero if only they will sell it reasonable.. i would buy. cute and ila packaging and the names sounds tasteful!

sige nyx... nyx time... ^^

Miss D said...

hello kymm..
i bought 2 NYX at white gold. its great!!!

i believe you know better than me, can you tell the difference between and imitation or not.
i had doubts when i compared their colors.. 3 diffrent color names _ Iris, spellbound and darling come in exactly the same color. my friend and i compared it for a long time
the clerk said, the stickers are just mixed up.. but... i had second thoughts..
however, the quality is nice.. the color.. etc.
so.. i am confused.
i am just too concern not to buy something fake.

i hope its not.. ^^

Miss Shopcoholic said...

their products are not not fake Dahee =) true, nagkamix up yung caps.. first time i bought it wa ko kabao what ang color name kay nagkasagol2x jud sha..

Miss D said...

thanks kymm.
i tried jupiter today... walaah!!!
all my coworkers notice it. i mean, really noticing my lips. they said it looke so pout! hahaha they were teasing me all day.. like all day... gyud..
they asked about where i got it but i kept it a secret. i told them they have to go with me when they want to buy. one of our staff even borrowed.. ^^

i guess i am up for more lippies..
and thanks so much for sharing the info..

i hope WG would buy more for us.. ^^
God bless you khymm. . thank you so much..

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@dahee - jupiter is really a nice color! saw that but didnt buy coz meron na akong similar color.. really glad you liked the lippie! =) please email me at kimrich(underscore)kim(at)yahoo(dot)com i wanna ask you something hehe

Miss D said...

ok.. i send mail..

and this is not certain but, i think i am allergic to NYX lipsticks.. that is so sad!!! kahilakon ko... =)
after i used it at first, ok ra but after two-three days, my lips started to crack and its so dry.
i ignored it..
but its getting dryer evrytime i use it.
Huhuhuh... i still hoping against hope its not the NYX, perhaps teh weather. what a junkie!

now, my lips are under treatment.. huhuhuhu.. i am just bought carmex lip balm. it feels good and i hope it heals my hurting lips.
my lips feels lip in a winter season .. when u smile the skin strecthes and it feels like OUCH!

but still hoping.. ill email... after this..

God bless you too..

♥ mia said...

wow, makes me want to go to cebu! haha.

wish we had nyx stores here in manila!

Anonymous said...

hello. i'm from cebu and i would want to know where'd you get those nyx products. :) message me at facebook please. yna_bonita@hotmail.com I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

MC said...

Is it still available in white gold up to this time? I just got introduced to nyx cosmetics this year...

Miss Shopcoholic said...

@ Ira - the last time I checked, they didn't restock na at limited nalang yung products..