Review : MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in Heat Element

Good day everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! =)
Let me review my first ever MAC eyeshadow. Been eyeing on this eyeshadow color on Ebay (again, we don't have a MAC store here in Cebu), but I find the price too steep!
Imagine paying Php 1,000+ for a single eyeshadow pan with only 1 - 2 colors?! Don't get me wrong, I know MAC is worth the splurge but I'm just stingy when it comes to eyeshadows! haha.. I prefer buying them in palettes so I can mix and match colors.
Lucky me, I saw this baby on Girltalk. Bought it for almost half the price! Weeh..
(*The Secret technique really works*!)

MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Heat Element

Two coordinating shades baked together in a single pan. A superb way to experience Mineralize's unique properties: exceptionally sheer and lightweight application, and easy, rich colour. Finishes include super-fine pearl that leave a soft dimensional shimmer on the skin.

RETAIL PRICE: $19.50 on MAC's website or around Php 900-1,000.

WEIGHT : 2.2 grams / 0.07 US OZ.

SHADES : Not sure how many shades are available coz this one is LE.

* great color-pay off
* goes on smooth when applied
* doesn't fade or crease during the day (w/out primer; I don't have oily lids btw)
* i love shimmers!
* the packaging is cute..
* the pan holds more product than their regular eyeshadow which is only 1.5 grams.

* its mineral makeup.. less chance of allergies

* has chunky glitters, but not noticeable when applied
* eyeshadow fall outs

Can be applied wet if you want to intensify the color. To minimize fall outs use a brush made of natural hair instead of synthetic. Wanna know why? Read my previous post here.

Don't have a natural hair eyeshadow brush? Apply loose powder heavily on the undereyes to catch falling eyeshadow. When you're done with your eye makeup, gently brush the powder with a fan brush.

**Image from Mary RC's blog. **

i want to purchase another MAC eyeshadow! wahaha..

4 out of 5

Swatched on NC20 skin

Heat is described as a rich yellow gold, while Element is a rusty red brown (frost). This is originally part of the A Muse Collection. MAC released it again last 2008 together with the Sheer Minerals collection.


Review : Bare Naturals Deluxe Brush set

Got this set last September and I totally forgot about it til my reader Mae requested for a review.

click to enlarge
Comes with a washable, eco-friendly jute brown pouch (not shown).

Got all of the brushes for Php 998!
Its cheaper because I availed of their pre-buy promo last July.
Thanks Ms. Lami for the freebies! Click here to read my first post.

PRICE (if bought individually):
Duo fiber / Stippling - Php 648
Eyeshadow brush - Php 208
Face/ foundation brush - Php 328
Concealer brush - Php 178

* all of the brushes are uber soft
* doesn't bleed when washed
* minimal shedding
* locally available
* not expensive
* brush hair & handle are made of good quality
* good for sensitive skins coz its made of synthetic hair
* can be used with traditional or mineral makeup

* nothing!


Duo Fiber/ Stippling Brush
> The black hair doesn't bleed and super soft! I use this for liquid foundation..

Eyeshadow Brush
> I think this brush is similar to MAC 222 Tapered Blending brush based on MAC's website. I really can't compare coz I don't own that brush. I find this brush a bit large for my eye area if used for contouring. I only use it as a highlighter brush (browbone) or to sweep eyeshadow fall outs. This is also nice for blending harsh eyeshadow lines.

Face / Foundation brush
> the name says it all. Best for applying liquid foundation or powder foundation if you want more coverage.

Concealer brush
> The size is kinda big for a concealer brush (see photo below). Can also be used for applying cream eyeshadows.

MAC Limited Edition brushes vs. Bare Naturals Deluxe Set
click to enlarge
**Pic taken from Bare Natural's website**
Note : BN Eyeshadow brush not included in the pic


For reference, here's a pic of MAC Adoring Carmine Set
click to enlarge
Will post side by side pic of the BN Deluxe set and MAC's Adoring Carmine Set as requested by Mae soon..


MakeupswapPh : Our local Makeupalley

I decided to make an online local forum for us Makeup Addicts to swap makeup.. I asked Martha (the beauty junkee) and Lelila (lalelilalu) to be moderators and help me run the forum..

Please register to start posting your items for swap at :

"Since most of us are having a hard time dealing in makeupalley, let's create our own online swapping community!" - Martha


Review : Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

An Award winning mascara on beauty magazines, that's why I'm really excited to try this! Too bad its already discontinued, but you can check Ebay or Amazon for sellers.

click pic to zoom
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black (washable)

This mascara conditions as it thickens. The lash-doubling formula glides smooth to build great looking lashes. The lash building brush makes it easy to get a full lash look without clumps or globs. Available in 2 variants, Washable and Waterproof.

PRICE: Php 200

WEIGHT : 0.43 fl oz or 12.7 ml

Blackest Black
Soft Black
Very Black
Brownish Black
Dark Brown
Royal Blue

* the brush is small so it reaches my tiniest lashes
* it lengthens (its a volumizing mascara btw)
* can be removed easily
* does not sting the eyes
* holds a lot of product (a regular tube contains only 7ml)
* doesn't smudge during the day

* its clumpy
* made my lashes stick together

* not volumizing!

This is a volumizing type of mascara. If you want longer lashes, apply a volumizing mascara first, let it dry and apply a lengthening mascara for a falsies effect..

I'm quite disappointed with this product! I expected a lot from this so called Award-winning mascara.. I love Maybelline's Volume Express more. I only use this as second coat to my other mascara's if I want to lengthen my lashes.

2.5 out of 5

More mascara reviews coming soon..


Review : MAC Clear Lipglass

A unique lip gloss that can create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen. Designed to be worn on its own, over Lip Pencil or Lipstick, Clear Lipglass is the perfect product for creating shine that lasts. It contains Jojoba Oil to help soften and condition the lips and a tiny bead of this highly concentrated product is all that's needed to cover the lip area.

Packaged in a convenient squeeze tube, Clear Lipglass is easy to apply using a lip brush. Clear Lipglass can be mixed with other products, like Pigments, and can be applied anywhere on the body except for the eye area to create interesting effects.

PRICE: $14 ( don't know the exact PHP price, around 800 I guess)

WEIGHT : 15 ml / 0.5 US oz

* i love sticky glosses coz they last longer
* seals my lipstick for about 3-4 hours.
* packaging is squeeze tube, more hygenic than wand type glosses
* very concentrated, I only need a tiny dot for the whole lips
* VERY, VERY glossy finish!
* doesn't dry my lips.. my lips feel moisturised even if it wears off.
* scent : with a SLIGHT hint of vanilla just like the MAC Tinted lipglass.

* its expensive for a clear gloss, but worth it! I've tried several brands of clear gloss before, and I always re-apply it often coz they tend to dry out after an hour.

Squeeze the tube to dispense a tiny amount of gloss at the back of your hand, then
use a lip brush to apply it directly on top of your desired lipcolor. Can be used alone or mixed with mineral pigments to create your custom color gloss.

Will re-purchase after 38 years! haha.. Seriously, I had this gloss for more than a year now and still 3/4 of the remaining product is left. This gloss is very concentrated!

5 out of 5

Pic when worn
NYX Round lipstick in Louisiana topped with MAC Clear Lipglass


I wanna try Lancome's Juicy Wear Top Coat coz I read good reviews from Nikki and Shen. Wanna see which gloss seals my lipcolor longer.
Note: Click the names to read their Product review.

Really Important!

Got an email from Barbara regarding Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI). Please feel free to share or post so that others will be aware on how to protect themselves from Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a global crisis. Recognizing the rapid growth in cases of infection like MRSA and ventilator-associated pneumonia being picked up in hospitals, Kimblery-Clark Healthcare has put together a website called "Not on My Watch" at to educate patients and healthcare professionals. Their goal is to eliminate these preventable illnesses and their often tragic consequences.

To learn more about the impact of healthcare-associated infections for both medical professionals and patients, please visit


Contouring and highlighting..

Just a quick post to update my blog.. Wanna share my favorite part from Kevin Aucoin's book, MAKING FACES... Its about how to contour and highlight the face.

I have a round face, so I really need to master this technique.. Don't get me wrong, I don't intend to do this everyday at work, that would be so unnatural! haha.. I'll save it for special occassions during nighttime. I'm so excited to go to Jessie Glova's makeup school hopefully next month to learn more about contouring and of course, Makeup! =)

*click pic to enlarge*

Notice the difference on the model's face?!
Contouring & Highlighting really makes a huge difference especially on photographs!

On special occasions, I just contour my nose area and a bit of bronzer on the cheekbone area and highlight the top of my cheeks, browbone & tear duct (eyes).

Jessie Glova 28 Neutral palette ( a matte brown e/s for the nose area)
Tropez Bronzer in Malibu Peach (nose area)
ELF bronzer in Sunkissed (cheek area)

The Body Shop shimmerwaves in Peach (cheeks & tear duct)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish duo in Natural
Ellana Hush eyeshadow (undereyes)

If you're looking for a highlighter & contour powder in one compact, you might want to try MAC's Sculpt and shape powder.

And also, don't forget to check out Nikki's tips on how to contour the nose area.
Click here.


Sorry for the lack of posts. I took a leave from work to take care of my daughter coz everyone else at home got very busy. My Ama (chinese word for my hubby's grandmother) just passed away last Nov. 13 (its friday the 13th!) at the age of 87.. We're already missing her much!


Review : Patrick Rosas G-lish Blush

Been wanting to try G-lish products since its not available here in Cebu.. When I won Gem's Giveaway, I got really excited coz two of the prizes are from G-lish, a blush and eyeshadow palette. Am I disappointed with the blush? Read on to find out..

*G-lish blush in Sweet Pink*

PRODUCT INFO from G-lish:
Versatility is what it offers! Color with the medium shade, highlight with the lighter, and contour with the dark. Each compact comes with three hues that are pressed side by side, from the lightest shade to the darkest. There's a color for every skin tone and taste since it comes in three fantastic shades of sweet pink, coral peach, and sexy bronze.

PRICE: Php 350

NET WEIGHT : 0.28 0z or 7.8 grams

SHADES: Available in 3 shades.
PRG-B-001 - Sweet Pink
PRG-B-002 - Coral Peach
PRG-B-003 - Sexy Bronze

* very cute packaging.. reminds me of Pop Beauty blush!
* not expensive
* no weird makeup smell
* 3 colors in 1.. no need for separate contour color or highlighter
* average staying power ( about 3- 4 hours )

* kinda chalky
* its not available in Cebu! But good thing they accept online orders!
Just go to their website at

This blush is versatile! You can also use it as an eyeshadow!

Want to try their other products.

4 out of 5

very pretty noh?!

What G-lish products have you tried? Let me know..


Review : SkinFood Buckwheat loose powder

This powder deserves a product review..
Love it so much that I'm on my 2nd tub right now!

This loose powder with its soft, fine particles offers a bloomingly radiant, flawless finish.
Buckwheat oil creates incredibly transparent, shine-free skin tone, with silky-smooth texture.

After foundation, dap gently in following order: forehead→eyelids→cheeks→lips.
Press remaining residue gently under eyes.
PRICE: Around Php 800.

WEIGHT : 23 grams
SHADES: Available in 3 shades.
#10 - Transparent
# 21 - Skin Beige
#23 - Natural Beige
# 40 - Lavender

* nice coverage, feels lightweight
* good oil control (about 4-5 hours when worn alone)
* packaging holds a lot of product ( lasts me for about 8 mos.)
* texture is not chalky
* didn't me break me out
* I use this for setting my concealer and foundation
* has expiration date printed on the label
* sponge included is very soft!

* its scented! I have Allergic rhinitis and have a very sensitive nose. I'm very particular with scented face products, as much as possible I try to avoid them. But this powder is really good... so I'll keep on using this til I found a good replacement.
* packaging is kinda bulky if you plan to take this around. I prefer touching up using pressed powders ( I use MAC blot or Skin Food's Lemon pact powder).
Be sure to test the powder before buying, my friend bought this product and found out that she's allergic to it!

Always wash/replace the puff. I'm using velour puffs, its very economical since I can wash it many times and still looks good as new. It looks like this..

*image from*
Bought mine from a local department store, its a Japanese brand. It costs less than php 100 for 2 velour sponges! Not bad noh?! I prefer using a puff to set my concealer and foundation so that I can get more coverage.. and I don't want powders flying around when I use a brush (*sneeze*..*sneeze*)! Just press the puff gently all over your face to set foundation.

As what I've said, will keep purchasing til I found a good replacement for this.

RATING :4 out of 5

Skin Food Buckwheat Loose powder #21
without flash

with flash
What loose powder are you using?
Can you recommend an inexpensive loose powder that's unscented?
Let me know! =) muah!


MAC Concealers : Studio Finish vs. Select Cover up

Wondering what MAC Concealer type is for you?
Maybe this comparison will help.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 - Php 870
MAC Select Cover Up - Php 870

^ click to read review ^

Formula :
Studio Finish - cream concealer
Select Cover up - liquid concealer

Studio Finish - Opaque; heavy coverage
Select Coverage - medium coverage

Studio Finish - kinda dry for a cream concealer
Select Cover up - not sticky nor runny

Studio Finish - creamy (if warmed up first using fingertips)
Select Cover up - dries up fast

Does it cake / crease?
Studio Finish - yes, if the weather is hot =P
Select Cover up - if applied correctly, no!

Studio Finish
> make sure to blend properly. Best if used with the fingertips to warm up the concealer.

Select Cover Up
> add a little product at a time coz this dries easily and making it hard to blend.


Hope this post helped..


Tiny haul from All Natural Face

Can you believe I got all of these for less than $6 including shipping?!

All Natural Face Eyeshadow Primer w/ brush

$4 for a 5 gram jar + 1.25 for shipping

This is a multi-purpose product that can be used as primer for the eyelids, undereyes or even the lips. Apply before you put eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick to pump up the color.

Unlike other primers that makes your eyeshadow lasts longer, this ONLY makes the color more vibrant. (see pic below)
I noticed that my eyeshadow creased at the end of the day..

The mini brush is uber soft! Can be used as an eyeliner brush or brow color brush.

Generous freebies.. Thanks Crystal!

4 Eyeshadow samples (from left to right)
> Smokey purple, Cherry bomb, Just Peachy, Cornflower blue

Peony Pink lipgloss sample

Angel wings lipgloss sample

Seal it eyeshadow & eyeliner sealer

Dual ended Eyeshadow applicator


See?! The eyeshadow colors really looks bold and vibrant!
Love it! Can't wait to play with other colors..


Wanna order?

That's it for now! Xiao!